Different buildings offer different challenges that most do not understand until they clean the building a few times.  With our broad range of clientele, we are familiar with most types of environments.  Each facility has a task list to be checked off and initialed nightly by our cleaning techs.  This ensures that each item agreed to is completed.  There is also a communication log at each site to pass information back and forth.  This serves as the first line of communication between the facility to our cleaning techs.

Usually, commercial cleaning is done at night, so it is extremely important that the cleaning service be selective with the people that they hire. Our customers own and operate multi-million dollar facilities, and are entrusting those facilities to us.  If you will look over on the “How We Are Different” tab under the section titled “Selective Recruitment”, you will see our philosophy on hiring and the type of candidate we look for.

Over 75% of our staff has earned a college education and works in a professional environment during the day. 

We supply background checks on anyone who enters the building, as well as carrying general liability insurance, bonded, and workers comp insurance.

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